Property Square is here! Each week, the programme is an engaging 30 minutes packed session. The four segments are structured to cut across the various audience demographics in order to engender wide interests and listenership.

Issues and Insights

This is the robust discussion segment of the programme. Guests from various sectors of the real estate sector are invited to the studio to discuss key issues in the real estate entire chain.

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Case File

Case file is a mini legal session which breaks down the legal lexicon in real estate to the understanding and listening pleasure of all.

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Safety Class

Safety is a key aspect of the built and construction environments, which is often neglected. This segment highlights safety elements from the domestic front to the construction site, workplace and everywhere.

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Newspaper review on property square

We are changing the face of real estate in Nigeria, one episode at a time. The Nation’s Newspaper of Thursday, 22nd March, 2018, Page 35, Celebrates our Real Estate Radio Programme; PROPERTY SQUARE. You can read up a little here ‘Property Square is changing real estate perception’ We express our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Muyiwa