What is property square radio programme all about?

Property Square is an engaging and lively radio programme created to address the knowledge gap between stakeholders in the real estate sector and the vast majority of Nigerians. The programme will deliver quality information, discussions, reports, profiles, etc on the real estate sector in Nigeria and beyond.

The uniqueness and strength of the programme is that it discusses all the issues in the sector. Property Square is a unique and intensely engaging 30-minute weekly radio programme which discusses all the multi faceted issues in the real estate sector. To achieve a wide coverage of topics and robust programme, each episode is divided into segments, with each segment focusing on a major aspect of the real estate sectors.

Tune in to the following stations, Metro FM 97.9. 7.30pm every Tue. Independent radio, Benin on Mon 4.30 and Concert radio, 5.30 PM every Tue and Fri. You can also listen online on the websites of the radio stations or listen to the podcasts on our blog here.

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