KIGAM BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED, the producer of Property Square radio programme, is an integrated multi functional corporate organization which specialize Media, Corporate Communication, Marketing and Business Services. The Company has executed top notch service delivery to a wide range of clients in different sectors. Our bespoke services include:


  • Creating TV/Radio Programmes and Dramas
  • Brokerage of Sponsorships for TV/Radio Programmes
  • Produce TV Documentaries for institutions
  • Creating entertainment live, reality, concert or recorded shows
  • Events Coverage
  • DVD/CD Multiplication
  • Editing, Graphics, Animation and other post production jobs
  • TV/Radio Content sourcing


  • Media Relations
  1. Press Conferences
  2. Product Launch
  3. Media Briefings
  4. Media Exposure
  • Community and External Relations
  1. Mediation between Companies and institutions
  2. Generating and Implementing CSR projects
  3. Arbitration activities
  4. Establishing and enhancing relationships between institutions, Governments and Communities
  • Marketing Communications
  1. Creation and Production of Corporate Souvenirs and Gifts
  2. Enhancing government access for potential and incumbent businesses
  3. Production of Corporate utilities and products
  4. Marketing of third party products and services
  5. Rentals of sound and video equipments for indoor and outdoor functions


  • Creating advert concepts for clients
  • Writing ad copies for jingles, tvc, billboards and press
  • Advert placement and media buying on all media platforms
  • Media Planning


  • Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, etc
  • Implementing foreign exchange programmes and overseas trainings
  • Event coordination and outsourcing