Property Square is a 30-minute weekly, engaging and lively radio programme created to address the knowledge gap between stakeholders in the real estate sector and the vast majority of Nigerians. The programme delivers quality information, discussions, reports, profiles, etc on policy, safety, security, legal, commercial, professional and other issues in the real estate sector in Nigeria and beyond. The uniqueness and strength of the programme is that it is structured into interesting segments which discuss everything in the real estate sector.

Property Square educates general adult listening audience on various subject matters concerning the various levels of interchange and inter-communication in the sector. It will connect buyers to sellers, government to people, professionals’ network, manufacturers to users and buyers, and services providers to clients, among others.

The choice of radio is premised on the fact radio is ubiquitous medium, with an ability to reach millions of audiences simultaneously and across physical boundaries. The portability of radio is also an added advantage to the programme since it can be listened to by people anywhere and on the go.

Programme Title:                             PROPERTY SQUARE
Duration                                            30 MINUTES

Medium:                                            RADIO/BLOG/SOCIAL MEDIA
Type:                                                   MAGAZINE (RECORDED)
Audience Type:                                 GENERAL ADULT AUDIENCE
Audience Demography:                   18 – 70 years (With Purchasing Power)
                                                              8 – 17 (Learning Audience)
Audience Reach:                                Over 40 Million People (Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo,
                                                              Edo, Delta, Kogi and Web Live Stream/Blog & Social Media)
Produced by:                                       KIGAM BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED
Transmitting Stations:                      Metro fm 97.9fm, Tue 7:30 pm 
                                                              Concert Radio(online), Tue & Fri 5:30pm
                                                              Independent Radio Benin 93.2fm, Mon 4:30pm


  • To create a robust platform for all stakeholders in the real estate sector to discuss issues and perspectives relating to the sector and proffer workable solutions
  • To give stakeholders a more comprehensive programme to reach out, network and engage.
  • To create a better understanding among citizens on the basic operations of the real estate sector
  • To get citizens to participate, especially as buyers, in the real estate business by patronizing our advertisers and sponsors.
  • To educate stakeholders and the audiences on the legal issues and use of various Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) options available in resolving disputes and discords arising from real estate activities.
  • To highlight security issues in the sector and how to tackle them
  • To provide consistent lessons and tips on safety.
  • To provide a unique and quality programme where sponsors and advertisers can sell their products to the millions of people that make up the audience across terrestrial and internet transmissions.
  • To enhance the brand positioning and marketability of sponsors and advertisers

The programme has received critical endorsements and validation for the following organizations:

  • The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV)
  • The Nigerian Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • The Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
  • The International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
  • The Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria
  • Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators